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Replica & Miniature Medals

Medal Mounting
We use high quality replica medals in our fullsize and miniature sets.

Many people choose to have replica medals for many reasons
  • Some have large families and the medals are left to one family member and this gives the other family members the option to have a fullsize or miniature replica set.
  • If you choose to display medals in your home, you can have the option of replica medals and have the original medals locked away safely.
  • They prefer to wear replica medals to keep their original medals in pristine condition.
  • Medals have been lost or stolen and are not able to be replaced.
  • Want to have a representation of the medals their ancestors were entitled to.

When ordering replica sets of medals, we do our best to make sure the entitlements are correct. We often send people application forms so proper entitlement of medals from the Australian Directorate of Honours & Awards can be obtained.

Tip: When looking up family WWI military records you can usually find the medal entitlements. You will notice there is a NE on the star this means this recipient wasn't entitled to the 1914-15 Star.

The Vietnam Medal, Vietnam Logistics Medal and The Vietnam Star medals were never issued with miniature medals. We can provide them to complete you miniature sets.

All medals that are available in full size are also available in miniture.
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